If you have a smart phone,
have a bank account,
And willing to use a professional financial service
You can find, install and enjoy your required application from Wistore appstore.
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If you are a Startup
And you have an innovative idea in financial and banking area,
Register And apply your idea based on various Wistore services
and existing banking business.

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Wistore apps are grouped in different categories

By clicking on smart phone icon app details are shown

  • Card and Payment

    Card and Payment

    19 App
  • Fund Transfer

    Fund Transfer

    11 App
  • Cheque Management

    Cheque Management

    1 App
  • Loan Management

    Loan Management

    2 App
  • Personal Financial Management

    Personal Financial Management

    10 App
  • Social Network

    Social Network

    3 App
  • Corporate Accounting

    Corporate Accounting

    1 App
  • Loan Funds

    Loan Funds

    0 App
  • Charity


    2 App
  • Mobile Banking

    Mobile Banking

    11 App
  • Informing


    5 App

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