We believe that the human resource capacity to develop banking and financial applications, in the form of e-banking services have been neglected till now. If you are a startup or developer team and you have an innovative idea in the field of financial and banking apps, you can apply your idea based on Wistore eco-system to develop and commercialize it.
Tosan is ready to provide advisory and technical services and necessary infrastructures to progress your ideas and connect it to the banks. Tosan services can be used by all experts and professionals of the field. There are no certain conditions to entry the ecosystem; you just need to defend well your idea and manage an executive team. A lot of ideas in this area afford the win-win cooperation certainly that will create new business opportunities. Keep in mind that banks and their customers need and have interest in new financial and banking apps.
You can communicate us using contact us. Your questions and comments are important to us. We will contact you as soon as possible and set sessions to start the cooperation.

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